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A complete tutorial for Quick Apps.
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Quick Apps was designed to replace the default behavior of the “swipe-up” action on many newer Android devices. When an Android device has software keys like you find on Tablets and Nexus devices you are give the ability to swipe up from those keys anywhere on the main screen to open the Google Now (Google Search) app. Quick apps replaces this functionality with the ability to pick from 8 of your most used apps.

To add an application to Quick Apps just click on an empty box and a screen will load with all your currently installed applications. Choose an application to have it placed on the Quick apps main screen.

To remove an application from Quick Apps just long-press on the application. This will load a screen with all your currently installed applications. From here you can select the red X in the upper right hand corner or choose a different application.

Notice the Quick Apps icon at the top of your device. Clicking on this will open a menu which will provide you with a few different options.

Thanks for using Quick Apps!


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