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A complete tutorial for Speakerphone Control.
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Main Screen

The main screen of Speakerphone Control is where you can easily turn on and off the primary features.

Speakerphone Volume is a feature that allows you to have separate volume levels for the in-call and speakerphone volumes.  Because Android devices come from a variety of device manufactures it is common to have a speakerphone volume that is either to quiet or to loud. Speakerphone Control solves this issue with intelligent volume management. With Speakerphone Control the volumes adjust based on whether the speakerphone is on or off, making your phone more personalized to your needs.

Auto Speakerphone will automatically begin calls with the speakerphone turned on. This option will still use the Speakerphone Volume feature if that feature is enabled.

Positional Speakerphone is a great way to enable the speakerphone based on the phones position. There are two positional features available for two different positions. Before enabling either of these features a position needs to be enabled in the settings menu (This is explained in more detail below). Once the positions are set just enable the setting and watch the speakerphone turn on when the device is placed into the predetermined position. You can setup names for each position so you can remember how to activate the speakerphone. This is useful for things like car dock where a hands free environment is more useful.

Proximity Speakerphone is a fantastic way to control the speakerphone. This feature uses something called a Proximity Sensor which detects the proximity of things (like your head or face) from you phone. On most devices this sensor is on the top and is hard to see. Placing the phone against your head will disable the speakerphone, while removing the phone from your face will enable the speakerphone. This feature is compatible with the Speakerphone Volume option.


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!




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