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A complete tutorial for Voice Text.
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Main Screen

The main screen of Voice Text is where you can begin texting by voice. Simply click the red icon and voice text will begin. Clicking on the three dots in the upper right hand corner will open the settings menu where you can disable adds, change the settings and more.


Voice Text is designed to make texting by voice simple and easy. With Voice Text you can send and receive text messages hands-free with only our voice. When a new text message is received Voice Text will read that message aloud and give you the chance to reply without touching your phone. You can also make phone calls easily by speaking the persons name. One of the primary goals of Voice Text is to allow you to use a voice-to-text/text-to-voice application without having to learn a list of voice commands.

  • Voice Text starts out by asking you “Say a phone number or contact name to begin.”
  • You can then say the phone number or the name of the individual to get started.
  • Voice Text then will ask “Would you like to call or text NAME OF THE CONTACT.
  • From here you can call or text your favorite people!
Some of the features found in Voice Text are:
  • Speak and receive text messages by voice
  • Have incoming text messages read aloud
  • 2 widgets
  • 1 shortcut
  • Audio Control support for scheduling voice text with Audio Profiles
  • Custom voice commands
  • Disable incoming voice text’s during certain hours of the day
  • Active only when the phone is in Vibrate, Silent, or Normal mode
  • Custom Voice Text volume
  • Locale and Tasker support
  • Auto Play messages

For more tips on choosing contacts by voice look under the TIPS section.


The settings menu is the place for customization. Setup voice text anyway you like. From here you can disable the “Active when receiving messages” option. This option will enable or disable voice text when incoming messages arrive. When this option is enabled voice text will speak text messages as they arrive, when disabled no incoming messages will be heard.

You can also restrict voice text by time of day and ringer mode settings.

The “Use default volume” setting will allow you to use a custom volume for incoming text messages. Voice text uses Androids ‘Media Volume’ to read text messages.

Speech Rate will adjust the rate of speed at which your device will speak messages.

You can setup custom voice commands which will change some of the default Voice Text commands. For example changing the “Action Text” to elephant will allow you to use the word elephant to tell Voice Text you want to send a text message.

Widgets & Shortcuts

Voice Text comes with 2 widgets and 1 shortcut. Each widget and shortcut have unique abilities to make Voice Text more convenient and useful.


Voice Text Widget

The widget displayed above is a re-sizable 4 X 1 widget. This widget has three possible functions.

  1. Clicking the Voice Text icon will start voice text and automatically begin the process of texting by voice. This would be similar to the process of opening Voice Text and clicking the icon.
  2. Click the center of the widget where the Voice Text words are displayed will simply open Voice Text.
  3. Clicking on the three dots on the right will open the menu where you can preform functions like:
    1. Viewing the About screen to email us at
    2. Checking out other great apps
    3. Sharing Voice Text with friends
    4. Opening the settings screen to further customize Voice Text
    5. Viewing this tutorial


Voice Text Widget

This small 1 X 1 widget will let you turn ON and OFF the “Active when receiving messages” setting. When the widget is WHITE voice text will start automatically when text messages are received. When the widget is BLACK Voice Text will not automatically start on new message arrivals.


Voice Text Widget

This small 1X 1 widget will let you turn ON and OFF the “Auto Play messages” setting. When Voice Text receives a text message the message will be automatically played rather than asking you if you would like to have the message read out loud.  (White = ON and Black = OFF)

Voice Text Widget

The “New Text” shortcut will start Voice Text and begin the process of texting by voice. This would be similar to the process of opening Voice Text and clicking the icon. Shortcuts provide a benefit over widgets in that they uses less resources and do not have to be updated by Android.


-When saying a contacts name there are a few tricks you can do to get the right person every time.

  • Speak the persons full first and last name
    • If no names are found Voice Text will use the first name and look for matches
  • Speak the persons first or last name
    • Voice Text will search for any person who has this name in their name
  • Speaking a name like “Amber” could provide results such as “Chamberland”
    • If a name is difficult for Voice Text to detect try using a partial name

-Use custom voice commands in the Voice Text > Settings to make voice text completely yours.

-Make sure your internet is turned ON or voice text cannot work properly.

-Use Audio Control to schedule Voice Text by day and time along with your audio profiles

-Take advantage of the widgets and shortcuts for easy access to some of Voice Texts greatest features

-Applications like GO SMS and Handcent do not work with Voice Text, this is because of how GO SMS and similar apps are designed and is not something Voice Text can fix. Some apps have the ability to turn off the feature that breaks apps like Voice Text. Checking the advanced settings on these apps may provide a solution.

-Use Locale or Tasker to schedule when Voice Text is active and when you would like your messages Auto Played




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